Thursday, April 7, 2011

Favorite Tools: Stapler

I know that no one reads this blog but me, but I felt like making a section on this blog called "Favorite Tools".  One of my favorite tools in my studio is my PaperPro Prodigy Stapler.  It's amazing!  I can EASILY staple through 25 sheets of paper using one finger!  REALLY!  Lulu loves to use it when she makes her handmade notebooks (fancy paper cover with sheets of plain paper inside all stapled together).  There is no way a regular stapler would be able to handle that.  Now it's hard for me to use a standard ol' stapler that you have to fist pound in order for the staple to get through 3 sheets properly.

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Susan said...

I read it :) Don't always post a comment but I will in the future. Blogs have gone rather silent since FB