Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite Tools: Pencil Box

This pencil box was a gift from my Auntie Annie, many years ago.  It's made of cedar wood and smells wonderful every time I slide open the lid.  As an art major in college, this went everywhere with me.  In fact, everything currently held inside, are things I used every day in classes.  See that blob of rubber eraser?  They're usually a nice grey color, even after many uses.  It's hard tell in the picture, but it's pure black.  Not a speck of grey in sight.  In one art class in particular, we did a lot with charcoal.  The poor eraser never recovered.  It's still as stretchy as ever, though. Sadly, this pretty little box has been packed away for too many years.  It's time for it to find a special place, next to my other favorite tools.

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Susan said...

That's very cool!