Monday, March 14, 2011

Josh's Fire T-shirt

Birthday present #5 for the month was for my nephew.  I used a scrap of fire fabric and used a clip art fire banner. I drew the design on tissue paper, then pinned the tissue paper, T, and fabric together. I stitched right on top of the tissue paper, then tore the paper away after stitching.  I thought the tissue paper would easily tear away (which it did), but it left little tufts of paper under the stitches in some spots.  I thought it would wash out just fine, which it didn't.  I ended up having to pull out the tufts by hand with tweezers.  I stitched around the flames in black, and then again in orange.  I also stitched around the neck and arm hem in both black and orange.  After trimming away the excess fire fabric I then ironed on thin interfacing to cover up the itchy fabric edges and stitching.  I think I turned out well, and made a big hit (from what I heard).


Susan said...

He was very excited! Big hit. You are quite the creator of gifts

Kendra said...

He loves the shirt!! Thanks so much. You are so crafty!