Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hats, Hats & More Hats

Some ladies in my church have been knitting and crocheting hats to donate to charity. I chose to crochet my hats, because I'm much better and faster with the hook than with knitting needles. My goal was to crochet 10 hats. I was able to finish 13 hats before the collection day.

Baby Teething Biscuits

Baby Teething Biscuits that I crocheted using the leftover cotton yarn from the Newborn Elf Hat. What a brilliant idea! Dampen the buscuits, put in the fridge for an hour or two. Then, let the small person chew to their little hearts content to help sooth sore gums.
UPDATE!! Pattern can be purchased HERE found via Ravelry.
 Here is similar pattern for FREE (I haven't tried it).

Newborn Elf Hat

I crocheted this newborn elf hat as a baby gift for a good friend. She picked out the cute aqua and orange yarn to match a baby blanket she made . I love this hat. It's so cute, and quick to make up.
Pattern from Oodles 4 Noodles.