Monday, November 5, 2012

Siamese Cat Hat

E loves her cat. LOVES. After I made Miss A the Hello Kitty hat, she requested a cat hat, too, but could I make it look like her cat? We searched Ravelry to see what was out there, and what do you know! There was the perfect pattern! She asked that instead of making the eyes blue, could I please make them purple (her favorite color). The first hat I made I used the hat pattern from Hello Kitty, and the other elements from the Siamese Cat pattern. She LOVED it, and wore it NON STOP. The only time she ever took it off was at school (they aren't allowed to wear hats at school). But, she took it with her and wore it to and from. One sad, sad day the hat fell out of her bag on the way into school, never to be seen again. You would've thought her real cat had died for all the tears she shed. I promised her I'd make another one. This time I used the hat pattern from the Siamese Cat. It's a little too big, but she doesn't care. My only problem with this pattern is the eye size. It has instructions for small eyes (to be used on baby size hats) and large eyes. The large eyes seemed to big and the small eyes seemed too small. I let E decided what size eyes she wanted, and she chose the small. When I have the brain power to think about it, I'll have to see if I can make some that are in between. I also should have sewn on the ears in a curved line instead of a straight line. I think that would make them stand up. Right now they flop flat back. Ok, there is one more problem that I have with this hat. E wears it all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Really, it's a bit of a problem. She even created her Halloween costume around it. At least I know she likes it. That's a huge understatement.  Siamese Cat hat pattern from Crochet by Jennifer found via Ravelry.

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