Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simple Sundress

Heather Ross is sharing her pattern for a simple sundress for FREE! You can't beat that! It uses elastic thread which my sisters-in-laws and I are just getting into. I'm slightly obsessed with it right now. This dress is women's sizes S-L and only uses 2 pattern pieces (unless you choose to put in the pockets in which case it's 6)! Not only that, but she includes a link to buying a giant roll of elastic thread for super cheap. Maybe my s-i-l will want to go in on it with me. If not, it's cheap enough to get it all to myself. Link to Heather Ross found via Whip Up.
Update: I FINALLY ordered the elastic thread!

1 comment:

Tresa Fowler said...

What is elastic thread? I haven't sewn clothes for quite awhile. But, if I could use it in Kate's clothes, I'd probably be willing to split an order with you. Let me know.